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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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8? all in favor? ladies and gentlemen, we are now moving to close session to handle some disciplinary matters. secretary: item number 10 is about whether or not to disclose item number nine. president mazzucco: any? hearing none. line item one. secretary: the approval of the minutes. president mazzucco: a motion?
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a second? public comment? line item number two, please. secretary: the rent-free use of the facilities for the community events related to the chief of police selection process, from the following organizations, including the lgbt community center, and the southeast facility. president mazzucco: any comment from commissioners? the irish cultural center is $900? ok. commissioner kingsley: location, location, location. president mazzucco: all in favor?
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line item number three, please. secretary: 9 item number three is general public comment? president -- line item number three is general public comment. president mazzucco: seeing none -- >> i have waited for years to a public comment, but -- secretary: a review of recent activities. chief: i will make it real short. we are still down with a property crime and part-one crime. we still have a slight uptick in homicides as of this reporting. , 11 versus five, but as we
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talked about, korea -- reporting period, 11 burriss 5. -- 11 versus five, but as we talked about that, we have had one recent homicide a couple of weeks ago that we have some leads on and that we are working on. that is my report as far as the crimes. president mazzucco: questions for the chief? call item b, please? secretary: -- commissioner hammer: i would move that we move this.
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i was moving to continue your monthly statistics until march ended two months, in light of the hour and are closed session tonight. >> i have another suggestion, commissioner hammer, and that is unless the members of the commission have questions that the commission adopt the report as presented this evening. i am required by the city charter to provide the commission with monthly statistical reports. commissioner hammer: i move to accept. commissioner kingsley: so we acknowledge that we received it and reviewed it, and thank you very much. president mazzucco: line item number d. secretary: the reports.
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president mazzucco: i will generally give you a brief update. mayor lee is going to get everything, and we will all have to sacrifice to a certain extent. the good news is that this year's budget deficit is $379 million. last year, it was over 500,000, as it was the year previous. so things are improving. but the mayor made it clear that he is going to look at all programs, all agencies, and he made two things perfectly clear. he also said during this meeting that one of the big things they need to do is the selection of
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his next chief of police, so those are the things that are pertinent to us, and it was a great meeting. commissioners, any further reports? any public comment reviving the line items a, b, c? hearing none, read the next item, please. secretary: future commission meetings. president mazzucco: could you read about the next process? secretary: tomorrow, they will meet with the public. the following thursday from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., another
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meeting will occur at the facility on o.t. hill avenue, and on thursday, the 24th, we do on oakdale -- on the oakdale avenue, and on thursday, the 24th. president mazzucco: myself and another commissioner. commissioner marshall: i just want to make sure that there is someone there to open the meeting for the public. president mazzucco: are there any other announcements? we do have line item be. commissioner kingsley? commissioner kingsley: the last meeting in february, february 23, that is on our agenda, and
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the second matter is for discipline cases, i understand that they have a standing agenda items for closed session around discipline cases, and i would like to propose that we have that agenda item for the discipline cases so that we can schedule them systematically and in advance so that the attorneys that are produced abating, everybody involved in it, will know maybe one month or two months in advance when all the discipline cases are, and if we can revisit that, to stay on track, i think it would be helpful to all of us. commissioner hammer: i think that is a great idea, and i think that may be part of our
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packet that we did friday afternoon, the confidential packets -- that we get, i think that is a great idea, and i think it will be fairly helpful. commissioner kingsley: they are providing us with a charge. -- chart. commissioner hammer: i am saying -- commissioner marshall: not just the hearing here on wednesday, but everyone? commissioner hammer: we all have homework over the weekend.
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i think getting those distributed each week. commissioner slaughter -- secretary: i did that for awhile. we can try that. commissioner hammer: i understand in two or three weeks, it changes. and it is all confidential. if we can put it into the commission packets, that would be great. president mazzucco: any public comment? secretary: public comment on
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these, and whether to hold of an item 13 in closed session. line item 12 is whether to hold the next item in closed session. it is an action item. secretary: all are present. president mazzucco: next item. >> nominating for the chief of police. president mazzucco: next item.
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secretary: item number 16 is adjournment. commissioner hammer: i think we have to make mention of the fact that he has stayed late on his birthday. also, it might have been lieutenant reilly's birthday this week. thank you for all of your hard work. president bush -- president mazzucco: we are adjourned. commissioner kingsley: happy birthday.
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supervisor campos: welcome to the very 102011 meeting of the board of supervisors government audit oversight committee. my name is david campos, the chair of the committee. i am joined by committee vice chair supervisor mark farrell and committee member board president david chiu.
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we want to thank sfgtv staff for covering the meeting. thank you for your work. madam clerk, do we have any announcements? >> please make sure to turn off or place all bonds on migrate. if you wish to present any documents, also provide a copy to the court for inclusion into the vial. items acted upon to they will be included in the february 15 board of supervisors meeting. supervisor campos: thank you. we have a very light agenda. before i begin with the item, i have a basic question to the clerk. i am wondering if it is possible in the future for the people watching these meetings, for the agenda item -- is it possible to
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have it in chinese characters as well? i know some folks in my district were asking about that. if they are watching the item, if there are any language issues, at least knowing the subject matter. >> i can check for you. supervisor campos: please call item one. >> item 1. resolution approving an agreement with the nonprofit owners' association for administration/management of the property-based business improvement district known as the "mission miracle mile business improvement district,." supervisor campos: thank you. this is an item i have introduced. to speak on the item is lisa. for purposes of my colleagues, just some context, october 5, 2010, the board of supervisors renewed the property based improvement district and this allows the mayor's office of
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work force and economic development to execute an agreement for the management of the district. good morning. >> good morning, chair campos, committee members. thank you for having me and let me to fill up this agenda with this item. lisa pegam with the office of workforce development. we are happy to present to an agreement with the nonprofit home owners association, miracle mile, for the property based business improvement district known as the mission miracle mile business improvement district, which was renewed by the board of supervisors in october of 2010. this management agreement is required so that the city can transfer the special assessment that was collected on behalf of the district to the non-profit management corp. who oversees the management of the services
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that are paid for by the special assessment and also conduct all the reporting to the city annually, regarding the expenditures of those assessments. not office of economic and workforce development overseas these agreements between the city and county of san francisco and a nonprofit management groups or the business improvement district. we are asking for your approval of this agreement. supervisor campos: any questions? any specific highlights in the agreement, in terms of what it does? >> it is a bic agreement, it allows for -- thick agreement, it allows the nonprofit to operate for five and half years. it includes all of the city requirements for contracts with
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nonprofits for this purpose. supervisor campos: great. why don't we open it up to public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? you have three minutes. >> that was three minutes? supervisor campos: yes. >> it shows two on my counter. thank you. douglas yepp. i have been living in santa scope for 35 years. i would like to speak on item one. -- san francisco 435 years. even when i have had business meetings on mission street, i am forced to do it in the daytime because i cannot afford to be an
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innocent victim in the ninth time. i think this is well in order. if people like me cannot afford to be on the street at night, i hate to think if you were a regular citizen going back and forth on mission street, how they must feel every night when they have to go through that. secondly, i am a little surprised that on today's agenda there was only one item pending under a 30-day rule. in my own opinion, i feel this committee has been very underutilized, as one of my friends keep asking me, is this a lap dog committee for a watchdog committee? i am hoping under current leadership, it will become a watchdog committee, instead of the previous lap dog committee. if you would like suggestions, i first is an obvious one.
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laguna honda hospital. no matter how much the comptroller tries to protect laguna honda, you cannot change the facts. it will become known in due time. secondly, i would like to have some sort of monitoring @ san francisco general hospital under the previous administration, it was easily know that there was so much waste of resources. since i worked there, for 20 years, i have the facts. i do not think there is anybody going to dispute the facts. also, two other items i but to bring before the committee for possible action is the obvious female slave trade, with san francisco being one of the main focal points, especially illegal use of immigrant women. also, it has been pointed out to me for a long time about the ongoing pornography trade in san
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francisco, especially the unfortunate development of child porn. i must commend the police department for finally completing an investigation into a serious porn allegation that might have involved child pornography at san francisco general hospital. also, i would like to mention that this committee needs to really step forward. citizens really demand a lot more than what we have gone in the past few years. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take a motion on this item? motion by supervisor david chiu. seconded by supervisor farrell. if we can take that without
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objection. before we close the meeting, this was a very light agenda. we have a number of items coming up, so i hope people will stay tuned. do we have any other business before the committee? >> no, supervisor campos. supervisor campos: thank you. meeting adjourned. meeting adjourned. [horns honking] [siren wails]
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